1. Hidden Kubotan

    If you operate in a weapons-restricted area or travel where local laws prohibit the carrying of offensive/defensive weapons including the Kubotan you may have already considered alternatives.

    I routinely carry a Mini Maglite AA because where I live the street lights are turned off at midnight and I like to see where I am going!

    As with most of my gear my Mini Mag has been modified and upgraded to enhance the light output to a blinding 140 lumens and to increase the runtime. I have also added a hard anodized end cap with glass breaking tungsten carbide insert to provide an additional safety/rescue function.

    None of these components have been marketed as a defensive/close quarter defence tool and therefore I can carry my Mini Mag anywhere, worldwide with confidence.

    I apply this rule for most of my EDC gear; if it’s been marketed as a defence tool I will consider other options (tactical pens are a good example).

    I don’t carry a Kubotan anymore and if by chance my Mini Mag happens to be about the same same size as a Kubotan but it is not a Kubotan, it’s a flashlight and will always be a flashlight. My Kubotan on the other hand will never be a flashlight it will always be a Kubotan.

    Hide in plain sight…

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